Witte Zaal/ Sint-Lucas-Gent, Belgium

Woolen cloth, mirror, wooden frame, gold paint

2,40 x 1,40 meters

This work consists of a large framed mirror which was completely wrapped in a dark grey woollen cloth, from the lower part of which the thread from which the cloth is made extends for several metres.
It recalls the myth of Ariadne, in which she conspires with Theseus to give him a thread so that he can cautiously dive into the labyrinth to kill the Minotaur, and thanks to the unfurled thread, the end of which Ariadne holds, return triumphantly to the surface.
This work involves a similar action, having tied to my body the end of the thread that forms the cloth that covers the mirror, and shortly afterwards I walk around the outside of the room.Evidently, with each step, the cloth becomes smaller and smaller, revealing a larger and larger fragment of the mirror; the action is interrupted after walking a few metres along the street, abandoning the thread in the same place. Physically, the action is over, but mentally it can continue until the mirror is completely uncovered, so that following the thread I can return and face my image reflected in the mirror.