A spherical polyhedron formed by 115 dark cameras
Uster, Switzerland
Aluminium, cardboard, wood, paper
2,30 meters diameter of the sphere.
Is a spherical polyhedron, 2.30 m diameter, formed by 115 cameras obscuras erected on a structure that allows the visitor to easily fit their upper body and head inside the sphere.
The images generated by each camera are projected on a screen located 20 cm away from each sides of the surface, forming a second polyhedron inside.
When a person access the inside of the sphere through the opening in the bottom, finds a kaleidoscope of images all around. The sensation is to be in a transparent space.
Hyperscope, a name that references the kaleidoscope to underscore how realityis made up of multiple points of view.
It takes a moment to get used to the dark before you start taking in the innumerable semi-moving images on the dark walls  reproduced on the inside thanks to the technique of the camera obscura,  Instead of a single Camera Obscura, Hyperscope combines 115 to increase the optical effect and to underline the variety of our visions.
The magic of this experience lies in the fact that it is completely off-grid, uses no digital media and works simply by tapping into the creative energy that the user needs to invest to give themselves up to the poetry of these upside-down images.