Palazzo Ducale, torre Grimaldina, Genova

Plastic, wood, turbine, neon light

Let me welcome you to ‘Pulse’. This project consists of a dome shaped plastic membrane which represents the universe through a miriad of different size holes as they were stars. This membrane maintains its shape thanks to a turbine that creates a vacuum between it and the walls of the room. During the exhibition a timer is used to switch the vacuum every few minutes causing the dome to breathe, culminating with the dome slowly falling upon the viewers. With «Pulse» I think I have managed to make this space lose its stability, whereby its limits cease to be something rigid and reliable where one can travel confidently. It is these limits that define the space, and in this case the represented universe (my mental space) makes the one who enters lose all spatial reference, the viewer loses the ability to know where it begins and where it ends, in fact it seems much broader than it really is, if we add to this that the membrane that circumscribes it breathes, it goes from its fullness in the form of a dome to slowly fall on the spectators that are inside. That which seems immovable, eternal, that which somehow sustains us, loses its integrity and with it all certainty.