Pulse (Spanda)


DAC arte contemporanea.

5 x 8 meters

Plastic, wood, turbines

When men roll it up, space as if it were a skin, then the end of pain will come without
knowing God.

This installation consist of a large plastic membrane in the shape of a half oval which, due to differences in atmospheric pressure, passes from one side of the space to the other

The word Spanda, which from Sanskrit alludes to the primordial pulsation or creative
vibration throughout the universe *, serves to frame the work that will be installed at
the DAC Contemporary Art, where the viewer is faced with a large oval (diaphragm)
that it breathes and moves as if it were a wave. Space is intrinsically connected to
time and the subject transits in the interval between the two limits of breath. This
membrane (matrix) could be considered as a threshold that changes continuously
from its concave shape, which invites the visitor to scrutinize the empty space, to the
convex shape, which slowly invades the room forcing the spectators to retreat.
I like to underline the apparent duality between presence and emptiness, internal
and external, welcome and thrust, feminine and masculine; Apparent because it is
the same membrane that, thanks to the atmospheric pressure differences, passes
from one side of the room to the other.
Most of the time the viewer remains in the territory between inhalation and
exhalation, where everything is possible; the membrane becomes pure plastic
possibility, like the waves, all similar but none alike.
Thus Pulse (Spanda) responds to the intuition that we are no longer the only ones to
pass through immobile and passive space, but that space also moves around us.
Nothing stands still, everything pulsates.